Coffees & Teas

We roast our own coffee!
We do this to assure our customers the most vibrant and full flavored coffees in Central Wisconsin.


Mild Classics
Light in acidity and body, these are for those who prefer their coffee black and unsweetened.

  • Brazil: mild, medium body, full flavor *Fair Trade available*
  • Costa Rican: fruity and a hint of citrus.
  • Guatemala: smooth, medium body *Fair Trade available*
  • Hawiian Kona (blended): smooth
  • Mexican: full flavor *Fair Trade available*
  • Nicaragua: black and tan, a blend of darker and lighter roasted, somewhat complex *Fair Trade available*
  • Peru: medium body, flavorful *Fair Trade available*

African Classics
Wine-like acidity, very distinctive earthy subtleness.

  • Ethiopian: rough and wild *Fair Trade available*
  • Kenya AA: wild with wine-like overtones.
  • Tanzanian Peaberry: delicate and smooth.
  • Uganda: wine-like notes.

Indonesian Classics
Rich in body, complex flavors, we finish roasting off with a few seconds in our smoking process.

  • East Timor: our French Roast classic. *organic*
  • Sumatra: Deep, full body, earthy undertones, REGULAR OR DECAF *organic*

Colombian Classics
Complex acidity, medium body, rich in flavor, we take our coffees dark enough to fully enjoy what they have to offer.

Our classic blends feature a combination of roasting profiles added to create signature blends.

  • Espresso: our Colombian that we take to a dark roast which we feel best represents what espresso should be – smooth yet complex
  • House Blend: A basic Colombian Breakfast Blend
  • Chicago Blues: A Sumatra and Colombian Blend roasted to a dark roast.
  • Decaffinated Colombian, swiss water processed
All coffees are roasted in house
prices and selection vary on a daily basis, but we frequently roast to assure a steady supply!

Wholesale roasting and bulk orders are available - Contact us for details and prices!


Republic of Tea

We offer virtually the complete line of Republic of Tea products
in 50 single-bag or loose leaf tins.

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